SnapChat isn’t helping us

The drama created by the combination of youthfulness and social media can’t be measured.  just this week a local school spent an entire day pushing through the messiness of unbridled comments and statements on social media sites.  similar to the “burn book” in the Mean Girl’s… its simply craziness. One

Digital Kids Initiative?

The cultural context of children and teens is changing at breakneck speed, especially when it comes to technology. These changes leave kids facing a host of unprecedented problems, challenges, and choices. Because parents, youth workers, educators and other adults are by and large ignorant to these changes, their ability to

Learning from Steubenville

As I sit and reflect on the events that have been unfolding in Stuebenville, this post came across my Facebook.  As I read the words, I was silently cheering, YES! in my head, but my eyes filled with tears; this is someone’s daughter, I have two daughters.  These are someones