• Court Appointed Special Advocate

    Would you like to make a difference, one child at a time?
    Would you like to be a voice for the best interests of the most vulnerable children in Ashland County?
    Are you looking for a meaningful and rewarding opportunity to help children in our community find safe, permanent homes, as soon as, possible?

  • Celebrating 30 years

    Working diligently for 30 years to enhance families in Ashland County.

  • Honors for 30th Anniversary

    Local, State and National Leaders acknowledged the milestone of 30 years of serving Ashland County Familes. Citations of Honor were received from: The Ashland Chamber of Commerce, The Ohio Senate, Ohio Secretary of State , Ohio Governor and US Congress

  • Juvenile Diversion

    Juvenile Diversion is a Mentoring Program to come along side teens who need encouragement. This program offers many different opportunities for teens to see a world beyond themselves.

  • Parenting Education

    Through Individual and Group opportunities parents are provided tools to do the best job they can to raise their children to become confident, caring, responsible and productive. We also provide support for Divorcing Parents through a 3 hour seminar in partnership with the Domestic Relations Court.

  • Empowerment for Teens

    Is a dynamic and fun program that challenges teens to take responsibility for their life and provides a comprehensive set of practical tools for releasing stress, mastering emotions, and raising self-awareness. Empowerment Groups are gender specific. We also offer Respect Groups for teen males.

  • Wrap-around Services

    Wraparound is a process which develops and carries our plans for children, individuals and their families who have complex needs.
    Key Elements:
    –Based on strengths of the individual family
    –Community based
    –Community supports working together

Serving Ashland County and its families for 30 years.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of families in our community by educating and empowering parents; by promoting responsible decisions regarding parenthood; and by offering opportunities for children to learn, grown and mature in a nurturing environment.

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